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Durable Timber Decking Service in Melbourne

Timber Decking is a type of construction used for building outdoor decks and patios. Timber decking materials can be manufactured from a wide variety of hardwood and softwood species. The type of wood used is influenced by the appearance required and the desired properties of the finished surface. The reason most new homes in Melbourne opt for timber decking is that it gives the outdoors a natural rustic look. It is impossible to achieve such a look using metal or other composite materials. Timber decking makes outdoors a great spot for meals and gathering. It can also increase the available living space.

Hardwood like cedar, teak, and ipe is the most commonly used materials for timber decking in Melbourne. This is because they offer natural resistance to mould and moisture, resulting in increased strength and durability of the deck. The initial cost of timber decking is relatively high, but the cost is justified as timber decking lasts longer and requires little maintenance by using these materials instead of more affordable materials like oak. Moreover, these exotic hardwoods also offer rich natural-looking colours without sealants or stains.

Softwood like pine or fir is also used for timber decking as they are low in cost and are beautiful to behold. Moreover, they are more workable and feature flaws like knots that a certain demographic of customers loves. Softwood timber decking is more prone to rot and swelling and is not expected to last long when compared to hardwood timber decking in Melbourne. This is because of the changes in humidity and moisture as time progresses.

A certain range of ground-level decks and patios are easy to install and can be assembled by yourself. But elevated decks are tricky and need engineering and professional installation to make sure the structure is safe. The added cost of hiring engineers and professional installers is often justified as local building codes in certain areas require them depending on the complexity of the structure. Certain patios and new decks might also need permits to start construction.

The components of timber decking in Melbourne can be fastened together using a wide range of fasteners. These include screw, nails, and bolts. Certain steel plates or special tools might be required for heavy-duty applications, like a deck that will bear a heavy load. Timber guard rails are mandatory for elevated timber decks to keep occupants of the property safe.

Protective seals or stains can be added to the timber depending on the type of decking used. This can help to maintain the decks appearance and improve durability. Moisture damage can be prevented using clear sealers, and coloured stains can be used to change the appearance of timber while adding protection.

Type of Timber Decking we offer

Spot On Reblocking offers an incredible range of timber decking services in Melbourne at attractive prices. Our decking services include:

  • Merbau Decking
  • Kwila Decking
  • Blackbutt Decking
  • Vitex Decking
  • Balau Decking

There is no better place in Melbourne for timber decking than Spot On Reblocking. Staying true to our name, we offer professional service at competitive prices that can surprise you with its affordability and quality. Our reblocking and underpinning are solid, so is our re-levelling and packaging. Our services will ensure that your house is safe for many years to come. Our services cater to both residential and commercial properties, and carry out restumping, reblocking, or underpinning services in Melbourne. Call us on 0431 121 314 for our services.

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