House Underpinning Melbourne

house Underpinning Melbourne

House Underpinning Melbourne

Underpinning is the process of increasing the level of foundation or repairing the foundations with cracks or gaps to ensure a strong and solid foundation for the Melbourne houses.

When will underpinning need?

Underpinning is required for a variety of reasons which include

  • A decrease in the strongness and stability of the foundation
  • If the properties of the soil supporting the building have changed due to the natural calamities or any other reasons
  • If there is heavy construction near your house that needs the excavation of the soil, then you need to go for underpinning
  • When you are planning to build a new storey on your building, it is recommended to go for underpinning


Why Underpinning for Melbourne Houses is required?

Underpinning for Melbourne Houses is required for the following reasons:

The first reason is the Drought because of which the lower layers of the soil have become loose and lead to the Subsidence.

The second reason is that Melbourne city is built on a huge volcano that has been erupted many years ago. Because of this, the sand in Melbourne contains clay which shrinks quite often leaving behind many foundation problems in Melbourne.

Because of these reasons, the houses in Melbourne faces the problem of uneven soil and Subsidence which leads to cracks and gaps in the walls

Underpinning methods

There are many Underpinning Methods, which includes

  • Mass Pour

In this method the sections are excavated up to predefined depth and concrete is placed on it.

  • Screw Piles and Brackets

Screw piles and Brackets can be used for the houses which need to be excavated very deeply and unfeasible to use a piling rig

  • Pile and Beam

This is the best and preferred method for Underpinning. In this process, the min piles are installed either on the sides of the walls and a reinforced concrete needle beam is used to connect the beams.

What we do – The process

  • First, we engage you with an Engineer for advice and architectural plans.
  • Fill in a contract between builder and Owner and agree on contract works.
  • Apply for the permit.
  • At the beginning of job we support the home with jacks where needed and support the foundation, then we start to dig where the pins are in accordance to what the engineer specified in the plan.
  • Before we place the concrete we arrange for an inspector to come and see the holes, and if they are approved then commence work.
  • We then fill up half the hole with good quality concrete and let the concrete set for 2 days.
  • Then we place jacks under the foundations and start to lift up the foundations, we then put in supports to hold the foundations up.
  • We take off the internal jacks and pour in the other half of the concrete. By using a vibrating machine we make sure that the concrete is put in well and then leave it for another couple of days to set firmly in place.
  • We then remove the extra soil and throw it away and return whatever soil is needed to be returned back into place.

Why Choose spotonreblocking for Underpinning?

Spoton Reblocking is the best company to provide the house underpinning service in Melbourne. We are capable and knowledgeable about all the methods of underpinning. Our team of experienced workers, strive hard to provide the best construction service and ensure you with a strong and stable foundation for your house in Melbourne.

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