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Spot On Reblocking is the expert in concrete stumps in Melbourne. Our team of stump builders are knowledgeable and experienced to manufacture and provide the best service possible. We have the latest and greatest tools and equipment at our disposal to make your home safer. If you are planning on relocating, give us a call so that we can build you the strongest stumps to ensure your new building is completely safe. The foundation is the most important part of your house and we want it to last a long time without needing repairs.

Type of Service We Offer

Our exceptional range of foundation-related services includes:

  • House re-levelling
  • Excavation under the house
  • Onsite welding
  • Construction with Structural steel beams
  • Bracing
  • House raise & hold
  • House sliding or on-site moving
  • Steel, concrete, and timber stump replacement

Why Choose Concrete Stumps Over A Timber Stumps?

The answer to that question isn’t an easy one. There is no clear-cut black and white answer because of the large number of variables that contribute to performance.

The sinking of stumps is one of the major issues of a house that sits on stumps. The weight distribution of the house is significantly affected, which causes uneven stress on the components of the home. Both timber and concrete stumps are prone to sinking, but they sink for different reasons. The soil quality around the property is the deciding factor here, along with the type of construction used that decides on the type of stumps to be used.

Wooden stumps are prone to termite and rot damage. Creatures that bore into the stumps push the dirt into the middle of it, and significantly affect the weight distribution and stability. The structural integrity of the home is affected as the foundation is unable to hold the house in place and will start to sink unevenly. Uneven sinking can cause tremendous damage to your house, causing strains all over the place. Wooden stumps are no stranger to dry rot either. Over exposure to moisture causes rot that can result in damage which cannot be repaired. Nowadays, timber stumps are treated with Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) to reduce these problems, but they still exist. Timber stumps need replacement every ten years or so.

Concrete stumps do not have this issue and are more structurally safe when compared to timber stumps. They last for a longer time and require less maintenance or repair. But the initial cost is higher than timber stumps.

Soil quality is also an important aspect to be considered while choosing the type of stump. Black soil is prone to sinking and sufficient reinforcement is needed and should be considered during the planning stage itself.

Cracking is a major problem that might arise in concrete stumps. Nowadays recycled materials are added to concrete during the manufacture of concrete stumps to make them stronger and more durable. It is also important to ensure that the reinforcing steel rods are not exposed to the air. Exposure to the air will cause the rods to rust over time, significantly reducing the structural property of the stump.

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Spot On Reblocking has a team of foundation experts who are dedicated to keeping your home safe and sound for many years to come. Our professional service caters to both residential and commercial properties. Spot On Reblocking is professional at restumping, reblocking, underpinning and more. You won’t find another service in Melbourne who offers such quality services at affordable prices. Our extensive and loyal client base includes homeowners, landlords, building managers, insurers, and more who have been impressed by our relentless pursuit of foundation safety and structural building maintenance. Call us right now on 0431 121 314 for our services.

Concrete Stumps melbourne

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concrete stumps Melbourne

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