When and Why of House Restumping, Have Details.

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When and Why of House Restumping, Have Details.

A huge percentage of homes in Australia are based on the wooden stumps as their foundation because of the ever-changing climatic conditions in the country. They make sure to hold the house strongly, but there is a very bad drawback which may lead to chaos in the house and in one’s life. The drawback is that these wooden stumps may sag as the years may pass on. This is when the restumping plays a very important role as it forms the strongest foundation for every home. Many of us don’t know when to go for restumping? So here is asmall guide that will help you in deciding on whether to go for the restumping process for your house. The most common changes that may appear in your house when the wooden stumps are sagged include:

    • Crooked or jammed doors or window frames
    • Significant plaster cracks
    • Uneven floors
    • If stumps rot evenly, the floors will still remain flat, but they will slope away from permanent brick structures like fireplaces.
Check the Stumps

When you find any of the above mentioned changes in your home, then you have to check the condition of your wooden stumps. To check these go under your home clean the dirt and check the site of the wood. The wood may be rotten or may be moved because of the gravity. It is advisable to hire some of the professional companies who have the top experience in dealing with the restumping and reblocking problems. These companies generally do this checking as a part of their quoting process.

Use Concrete Stumps

Generally, Australian homes are generally found basing on the wooden stumps, but nowadays most of the house is using the concrete stumps as these are stronger and provide the rigid foundation when compared to the wooden stumps. The reason behind this is the life span of the wooden stumps. The age of the wooden stumps is expected to last for 20 to 80 years only depending on the various factors like the type of timber used, soil conditions and other common factors like drainage and pests.

Importance of Restumping

Restumping is the only process that ensure that your building and the floor are in level. So always make sure to hire the most reputed and experienced company that has the experience in providing the exceptional restumping services. It is a difficult job and must be handled carefully only by a professional team. Once the restumping process gets completed, then also make sure to get the internal cracks and the structure of the home gets fixed. The cost of this house restumping process generally depends on the size of the house and the room space available under the floor.
So if you find any of the above mentioned changes in your home , then don’t waste a minute and go for house restumping process which if done properly will add the value to your house and let you live with a peace of mind.