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house Underpinning Service in Melbourne
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Don’t leave out Underpinning while planning for the storey addition

A House Addition achieves the multiple objectives for you at the single price – Want to know what they are? Well, increase in the living space, enhancement of the look, and rise in the resale value are just a few of those.
And when an addition is in the form of a new storey, you can also get benefitted by renting out the extra rooms and earning some income. But, once you take this huge decision of making changes in your house structure, you need to consider certain factors to ensure that your investment gives returns for a long time.
Operating the company for Reblocking and Underpinning across Melbourne, we have witnessed the scenarios wherein ignoring these factors have led to disastrous consequences.

Prepare the following Checklist for the Storey Addition in your home:

  • Underpinning – For building another storey, it is important first to see that the foundation of your home is strong enough to handle the additional weight. In the case of many residential buildings, especially ones, which are quite old, the foundation gets weak over time, and hence you need to hire an experienced contractor for Underpinning in Melbourne, who can make the foundation sturdy.
  • Design – Many people believe that the design of the new storey to be constructed has to be similar to the present storeys. But this is not true as you can have the upper storey built with the latest designs & models. Your house can be a perfect combination of ancient and modern architecture.
  • Interiors – Got a bit of creativity? It’s time to use it! In today’s time, people don’t stick to common interior designing trends and explore new trends freely. In fact, if your house is different from the usual, you are sure to get a million of compliments. So, don’t be afraid to use your imagination in decorating your home.
  • Budget – Perhaps, it is the most crucial factor here – It has been observed that people often cross their expected budget levels either due to a miscalculation on their part or a sudden rise in the price of the services they want to avail. Therefore, you should always be ready with the surplus funds so that your dream doesn’t remain unfulfilled. Our charges are very reasonable for the Timber Decking, Reblocking and Underpinning.
    We hope we have clarified your doubts regarding storey addition, but still, if you feel there’s anything left out, just let us know and we would be glad to cover it for you!

Whenever you require services for Underpinning in Melbourne, feel free to contact us at 0431 121 314.