How to ascertain the need for replacing your Timber Decking in Melbourne?

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How to ascertain the need for replacing your Timber Decking in Melbourne?

Bringing the nature to your house with its wooden colour and raw appeal, timber decking not only provides an extra space to use but also adds to the charm and elegance of your place.

For years, decks made out of timber, are preferred by people in Australia for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. However, as everything comes at a price, you need to clean and maintain it properly to keep it looking beautiful.

But, as an owner of the timber decking in Melbourne, you must be aware of the fact that even a perfect looking deck can have signs of damage hidden under it. You have to spot these signs at the early stage itself so that the small repairs don’t turn into a costly affair or a complete replacement.

Watch out for the following signs of damage in your Timber Decking

We have mentioned below some of the tips to guide you in identifying the need for repairing or replacing your timber deck.

  • Dry Rotting – Check for deep cracks across the granular pattern of the deck and if you happen to notice any, it can be due to the dry rotting, which takes place because of the growth of fungus. You can confirm this possibility by applying pressure to the affected area. Rotted wood would not be able to handle the pressure or force. If it breaks on the spot, just give us a call as we can replace it with a new deck at affordable prices.
  • Wet Rotting – If a certain section of your timber deck appears darker than the rest, it means it has started to rot due to the moisture. You can further check it for sponginess which is a sure-shot sign of wet rotting. Alternatively, you can also press the thin-bladed knife into the wood to see its level of penetration. If it goes deep, you should get the necessary treatment for your deck.
  • Termite – Small holes in the deck are a sign of the termite infestation. Termite is a strong enemy of any wooden substance and hence protecting your timber decking from it is nearly impossible. But, with regular inspection, you can spot the existence of this harmful breed of insects and act fast.

Other than the above, you should also look out for splinters, warping, small cracks, etc. on your deck. If your deck is joined to railings, check them as well.

Our timber decking solutions are trusted across Melbourne as we have several years of experience in the field. To decorate your home with the suitable deck within your budget, call at 0431 121 314 and talk to our experts.